Hiring DevOps? You're supposed to grow them

Most companies, whose products & services come in contact with software at any point (and most seem to...), are looking to hire 'DevOps' Engineers or Leaders to help them deliver IT and/or software itself.

I've seen and heard a lot of solutions, some work better than others. The concept of Continous Delivery, for me, drives forth a multitude of patterns & practices that teams can use to solve problems & acheive goals in ways that previously would have seemed unobtainable.

To me, DevOps is born out of these ideals. But, DevOps doesn't provide an overall system for providing a final solution, it's more a philosophical approach then a prescribed set of tools and/or processes.

Continuous Delivery fills part of the gap. Ultimately, it's goal is to provide value to business, at the speed of business - very quickly. Therefore, it can be the goal that motivates you forward.

Initial consultations by experienced DevOps & Software Engineering professionals can be extremely valuable in providing good patterns & solutions and avoiding anti-patterns. By leveraging LEAN principles along with the goals of Continuous Delivery & DevOps, business value in IT investmests can increase exponentially.

This isn't easy. Not every organization is up for the changes needed to implement a lot of the concepts encouraged. Leveraging better tools or patterns can be difficult for some teams early, but almost all agree the rewards are worth it.

Travis Hill