What is DevOps?

DevOps can be defined as a philosophy, a set of practices & patterns, that can be used to increase quality, productivity, and velocity of software development teams. Commonly, the combination of system engineers, software developers, QA/testers, and architects all placed on a single team in order to remove traditional silo walls & increase velocity, or flow. That being said, this is my interpretation & there are many ways you can choose to look at it, but I'd like to believe that most people would agree on most of the points.

For me, it is a critical component in implementing Continuous Delivery. By aligning the resources & people needed to accomplish all the tasks, we can reduce the resistance & time needed to build software delivery pipelines.

A DevOps Engineer, is usually an embedded infrastructure engineer with software build experience & a propensity for the automation of all things. You're best served trying to groom & grow these types of engineers from within your organization, but that isn't always feasible. You can reach out to EDOS.io, and we can see about helping you solve this problem.

Travis Hill